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66-56: Chart

Mariners lose game to Tony Randazzo and I guess the Tigers too.

O hand that doth strike The King, I thank thee
O hand that doth strike The King, I thank thee
Leon Halip


Lloyd McClendon: Endy Chavez (.048 WPA)

Tony Randazzo: Dustin Ackley (-.168 WPA)

Well, at least the A's lost today too.


1. You are granted the opportunity to know the exact future career stats of any player in the Mariner organization under the age of 26 so long as you promise not to reveal the results to anyone ever (or else you'll forget it a la Men In Black). Which player's destiny would you like to hear?

2. Would you endorse the transformation of either Brandon Maurer or Tom Wilhelmsen into a starter next year? Any other member of the bullpen?

3. If you have ever picked up a bat, which MLB'er (former or current) do you liken your stance to the most? If you haven't, which player would you like your stance to be the most similar to?