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62-55: Chart

Austin Jackson drives in four and Fernando Rodney pulls his best Fernando Rodney impression in the Mariners 4-2 win over the White Sox.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports


Seattle on a nice sunny 78 degree day: Austin Jackson (.303 WPA)

Seattle on a not-so nice 95 degree day: Dustin Ackley (-.098 WPA)

This Mariners game was chugging along so nicely that everyone almost forgot it was on and the gamethread kept talking about the Blue Jays and Tigers game that looks like it will end when the Earth finally stops rotating. Then Fernando Rodney reminded us why we need to watch all nine innings.


1) In light of said Toronto Blue Jays and Detroit Tigers game that will never end, what is the longest game you have sat through at Safeco or at the Kingdome (or at any ballpark I guess)?

2) It is going to be real hot tomorrow (officially too hot for me). At what point does hot become too hot?

3) I just read a rather overrated book for my book club. What is the most overrated book you have read?