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49-42: Chart

The Mariners...yikes, look they lost, okay?

yeah tell me about it
yeah tell me about it
Otto Greule Jr


Super Mario World: Endy Chavez (.029 WPA)

Super Mario Chess: Roenis Elias (-.345 WPA)

Roenis Elias had a bit of a meltdown and the Twins beat the Mariners, 8-0. Three position players had positive WPAs, and all were less than .100. Please All Star break soon.


1. Trucks?

2. Trucks?

3. Or More Trucks?

Alright, fine.

1. If you were given the keys to control the universe and they allowed you to make one REALISTIC single player move this season, which specific position would you look to shore up?

2. Favorite cocktail:

3. What is the single greatest baseball gif of all time?