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47-39: Chart

Chris Sale does his thing and the M's lose 7-1

The Condor spreads its wings
The Condor spreads its wings
David Banks


Chris Sale: Logan Morrison (.033 WPA)

Running a yard sale: Roenis Elias (-.189 WPA)

This is probably how teams used to feel about losing to Felix when the Mariners were bad. Whatever. We'll get them next time. Recap will be up pretty late tonight, so until then discuss here.


1. Do you have any Fourth of July traditions?

2. Are there any players on the M's who you don't want to be traded this month for completely irrational reasons?

3. If Paxton were to come back or if the M's were to acquire a new starting pitcher who was inarguably good, which of Elias or Young (or Walker I guess if that's how you feel) would you eliminate from the rotation and what would you do with said player?