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7/30: Open game thread

Felix Hernandez vs Corey Kluber vs the Trade Deadline

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Close your eyes.

Take a deep breath.

One more day.

One more day.

Just keep whispering that to yourself, forget about fake Divish accounts on Twitter and the Drew Stubbs or Matt Kemp or David Price rumors, and just breathe. Unless, that is, you enjoy the trade deadline. I kind of do myself, but that's only because I get bored easily and movement for movement's sake can be my cup of tea.

But alas! There is still one more game of baseball to be played before we have some new Mariners in the clubhouse, and this game doesn't care for your HOTTAKES or any BLOICKBUSTER moves. What is a hot take, though, is Ackley in that leadoff spot again. It's also Felix day! But of course, we still have to watch Endy Chavez bat before Robinson Cano, and James Jones will be dancing the foxtrot in the outfield, which is kind of counterproductive because you're supposed to be catching baseballs out there instead.

One more day.

Just breathe in.

One more day.

Unless, of course, there are more.

Game info

  • Mariners @ Indians, 4:05 PM PST
  • TV: ROOT, Radio: 710 AM, Online:

Today's Lineups

Dustin Ackley - LF Jason Kipnis - 2B
Endy Chavez - RF Asdrubal Cabrera - SS
Robinson Cano - 2B Michael Brantley - CF
Kendrys Morales - DH Carlos Santana - 1B
Kyle Seager - 3B Lonnie Chisenhall - 3B
Logan Morrison - 1B Nick Swisher - DH
Mike Zunino - C David Murphy - RF
Brad Miller - SS Yan Gomes - C
James Jones - CF Chris Dickerson - LF
Felix Hernandez - RHP Corey Kluber - RHP