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55-51: Chart

Mariners mash seven extra base hits and take the first game of the series against Cleveland.

Keepin' it loose.
Keepin' it loose.
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports


Rocky road ice cream: Hisashi Iwakuma (.229 WPA)

Literal rocky roads: James Jones (-.121 WPA)

That baseball game was a not terrible baseball game. Woo!


1. What books are you guys reading right now? Personally, I'm a super avid reader. I usually spend at least an hour a day reading and feel a little out of sorts if I'm unable to do so. I've become a big fan of Japanese literature over the last few years - both older stuff (Kawabata/Tanizaki) and newer stuff (Murakami). Right now, I'm reading Villain by Yoshida Shuichi.

2. Has anybody had any particularly good experiences watching games at minor league stadiums? My girlfriend and I went up to Everett Memorial on the Fourth of July this year to watch Cousino and the AquaSox. Although it rained a little, it was a good time. The fireworks weren't bad and the view of the Cascades out beyond center field was very nice.

3. Do you have any strong feelings about John Adams banging on his bass drum out in the center field bleachers at Progressive Field? You can certainly hear him on the telecast, and the sound is even more resounding when you're at the game.