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53-49: Chart

Hisashi Iwakuma had one bad inning and the Mariners' offensive woes continued in a disheartening way.

Harry How


What we hope Chris Taylor will become: James Jones (0.26 WPA)

What we are afraid Chris Taylor will become: Robinson Cano (-0.111 WPA)

There are baseball games, and then there are whatever was presented in front of us for a couple hours tonight. You know it is a horrible, horrible game when James Jones is the only hitter with a positive WPA on the squad. In total, Charlie Furbush and Yoervis Medina rounded out the rest of the Mariners players that had a positive impact. Sometimes, these sorts of games just happen.


  1. How much of a positive (or negative if that is your jam) impact do you expect from Kendrys Morales over the season?
  2. In light of Jay Buhner's odd reference to Lou Pinella and stroking during the game, what is your favorite Tobias Funke quote of all time?
  3. Actual scientific definition aside, do you consider a pumpkin a vegetable or a fruit -- and why?