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51-45: Mariners Lose Game to Worst Team in Baseball™, Lookout Landing Overreacts

My computer doesn't wake up well after sleep mode, and neither do the Mariners.

Harry How

{{Ed Note: This was originally Open Game Thread 3, but then they went ahead and lost it in one pitch.}}

Today, the Mariners lost a game to The Angels Angels of Anaheim in 16 innings. The Mariners play 162 games this year not including their eventual playoff sweeps, and today, they lost one to The Worst Team in Baseball™. This is a bad thing.

This is not an official recap because I did not watch most of the game, did not take notes, and was not in charge of a recap. Presumably someone else with recap it later. Rather, this is a series of bullet points that I'm making up right now off the top of my head because SBNation is not allowing me to delete this thread for some reason. Below are the assorted bullet points. DUCK!

  • The Mariners are a good team. They are not a great team. They will win games. They will lose games. Today they lost a game. Calm down.
  • On Lookout Landing, we allow gamethread emotion. We do not allow gamethread useless negativity. It is okay to react poorly to individual events. It is insanely annoying to claim the Mariner's season is done because they started the second half with a loss. This could mark the end of the season. It also may not.
  • This above two bullet points are not requests. Please refer to Lookout Landing comment guidelines because pretty soon I'm going to start the Great Purge of 2014, and it will be so great it will have its own Wikipedia page.
  • In brighter news, the Mariners did not trade Kyle Seager or Felix Hernandez today. But will they tomorrow?*
  • This game was so long, Fangraph's graph of the game died at 15 innings.
  • John Hamilton was 0 for 6, bringing his season wRC down by 7 points. Because he struck out thrice, his BABIP is still over .400. He will be crashing very hard, very soon, and it will be glorious. Hopefully he crashes into Trout.
  • Are the Mariners the Joey, Monica, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, or Janice of baseball?
  • Kyle Seager went 0 for 7. In other news, look shiny red ball!
  • Some people do not like how LLoyd managed the team today. Others do not see a problem with it. I'm firmly in the camp of
  • Tomorrow is another game. Then there is another game after that. Pretty soon there will be many more games. It's like a whole smorgasbord of games!

I'm sure whoever is in charge of the recap today is crying going to have more information. This is not a recap. But for now, use this space to talk about things related to the game, the Mariners, and the future.