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51-43: Chart

The Mariners kicked some A and won 6-2, clinching at least a series victory.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports


Nick Punto getting tossed: Hisashi Iwakuma (.406 WPA)

Brad Miller getting tossed: James Jones (-.108 WPA)

With a series win now assured, we can fully enjoy tomorrow's game knowing the series was a success. Kudos to everyone who showed up the park tonight, it looked like a great atmosphere and a ton of fun tonight. Let's come back and get the sweep tomorrow!


1. Given Hisashi Iwakuma's age and contract status, how long do you think he'll be a Mariner for?

2. For those who aren't in the area, it's been around 85-90 degrees for the past week and looks to continue. What do you do during prolonged periods of heat like this?

3. Go Mariners?