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49-43: Chart

Today is the day the Mariners scored runs against the mighty Twins.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports


Someone who was good today: Robinson Cano (.076 WPA)

Someone who was not good today: Logan Morrison (-.135 WPA)

So how about that King Felix? He's starting tomorrow against a team he's historically awesome against. The Mariners are six games above .500, people! The Wild Card is still very much within grasp. Trade deadline coming up, A's coming to town, M's still interesting at the all-star break. I'll take it. But yeah, screw the Twins.


1. If you could wake up tomorrow and be good enough to play a sport of your choosing at the professional level, which one would it be?

2. How long do you think James Jones will stick around in Seattle for?

3. Have you been to any minor league games yet this summer or do you plan to go to any? How do you like the minor league ballpark environment compared to being at a big league game?