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31-28: Chart

With a win over the Braves on Wednesday, the Mariners move into second place (and the first wild card spot), tied with the Angels.

lets see here, yes this will do
lets see here, yes this will do
Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports


Hank Aaron's tempered congratulatory message to Barry Bonds: Hisashi Iwakuma (.458 WPA)

Chipper Jones' gut: Endy Chavez (-.116 WPA)

Well how about that? Hisashi Iwakuma was solid today, going seven innings with as many strikeouts. Lloyd's bizzaro lineups continue to surprise, with Cole Gillespie and Stefen Romero getting the work done today. It's June, and the M's are in good shape, somehow.


1. Coffee at home: classic drip, Keurig, french press, pour over, something else?

2. Favorite 70's-80's MLB uniform besides the Mariners:

3. Any opinions on who the M's should take with the sixth pick tomorrow?