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30-28: Chart

Stefen Romero and John Buck overcome an Erasmo clunker in a most spectacular way.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports


NBA Jam Tournament Edition: John Buck (.482 WPA)

NBA Jam (iPad): Erasmo Ramirez (-.361 WPA)

STOLEN! (/NBA Jam voice)


1. If you played NBA Jam: TE, what was the most dominating team? (Spurs) If not, what was/is your go-to character in your video game of choice?

2. If you were a Major League Baseball player, would you ever live in an RV Park in Preston like John Buck is currently doing? Scratch the baseball player part. Would you ever do it, period?

3. Why do some people think beets taste like dirt and cilantro like soap? Aren't they weird? (Articles citing proof that some people taste things differently not allowed)