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Sporcle Friday: Uniform Numbers

Who were the greatest baseball players to wear each number on the back of their Mariners jersey?

this is an example of a uniform number
this is an example of a uniform number
Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

A couple of weeks ago I made a quiz. I did this because I am a good person, and I like doing things for people, and making quizzes is an easy way to do something for people without having to interact with them or remember their names at parties a couple years later or receive awkward thank you cards. I made a quiz, and asked Scott to post it. And you moaned.

Verily, didst thou moan. Your collective anguish was voluminous. "How can we be expected to remember the arbitrary logo on baseball cards we probably didn't collect twenty years ago?" you cried, and the correctness of this question did nothing to salvage your dignity, or damage the pureness of my philanthropy. And so I have brought you a new quiz. A harder quiz. A quiz that will shape you, a quiz that is equal to shooting a bear on the coming-of-age scale. You will thank me, when your scars have healed.

The object is simple: all you have to do is to name, for each uniform number in Mariners history, the greatest player to have worn it. Not the greatest while wearing it, mind you: the greatest to have worn it. You want to think about rentals. You want to think about promising rookies stupidly traded away. You want to think about disappointments. You want to name just about everyone you can think of, really. You can't lose points.

A few provisions: use last names only, because you can. Sure, you can type the whole name in, and it'll count, but no one will ever appreciate that extra effort. Some players will show up more than once, because they wore multiple numbers; remember, they only need to have worn it once. Some players won't show up at all, even though it seems like they really should. Some players will show up, and instantly depress you.

Also, it only goes up to 59. Sorry, Jesus Montero. You are technically the greatest 63 in Mariners history... for now.

As always, list your score in the comments, gnash your teeth and bemoan your fate. We are here for you.