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42-37: Chart

The Mariners take the series against the Red Sox 2-1 and that's all that matters. But they lost today 5-4.

There's my hat
There's my hat
Otto Greule Jr


Reliever Brandon Maurer:  Tom Wilhelmsen (.146 WPA)

Starter Brandon Maurer:  Hisashi Iwakuma (-.436 WPA)


1.  It's all falling apart now, how are you going to burn your fandom?

2.  The USA plays Germany tomorrow and can advance with a win or a draw or a close loss or a blowout loss, depending on who wins the other game in the group and by how much.  Predictions?

3.  The storm of the century is coming, and it's like, a nuclear storm and everyone is panicking and you run out to the store to buy supplies because you are an unprepared idiot but you are also slow and all the other unprepared idiots beat you to the store and all that's left is potted meat, dog food and pickled murbies and you only have time to grab one because you have locked eyes with two other desperate fools headed for the items.  Too late, you waited too long thinking and were trampled and now you are dead.  Would you like your family to risk their lives collecting your body or are you ok with the cannibals picking your corpse to the bones?