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34-34: Chart

Five in a row! Five wins in a oh wait

boy these schmucks are really somethin arent they
boy these schmucks are really somethin arent they
Otto Greule Jr


Sweet, sweet coveted candy at the mall candy store when you're eight: Erasmo Ramirez (.271 WPA)

Stupid zucchini: Danny Farquhar (-.431 WPA)

Robert Heinlein once wrote a short story called The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress. Well, turns out baseball is kind of the same thing too, except instead of it using a weird gendered phrase it may be more accurate to just call it a big dumb jerk.

Recap will be up a little later tonight, but until then let's chat and maybe talk about how Taijuan Walker pitched 6.2 innings of one-hit baseball today.


1. Unlimited funds for a European vacation and you would choose to see:

2. Ji-Man Choi: hope to see him in an M's uniform soon?

3. Do you ever keep score during games?