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Podcast episode 21: Staff chat version two

Logan, Anders, Colin, and myself chat about the current state of affairs.

It's been a while since we got together to do a Google Hangout video chat (and our last one a success), so here's another one! Logan, Anders, Colin, and myself all sat down to talk about what the hell the Mariners are, how they're doing it, and if they can keep doing it. Also, there's discussion about ownership, Chris Young, the shortstop situation, and who the Mariners could possibly trade for to improve this team. Also, is it worth being buyers at the deadline in what is sure to be a tight Wild Card race for a one-game playoff?

If you look above, you can witness the podcast take place with our stupid faces.

If our faces upset you, you can listen to the podcast in a more traditional, less unsettling manner by the typical methods below.

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