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Lookout Linkage, 4/29/14

News and stories about the Seattle Mariners and other analysis from around the league.

Otto Greule Jr

Links galore!

  • Hisashi Iwakuma is expected to return to action against the Houston Astros on Saturday.
  • On Friday, James Paxton threw for the first time since his injury and said afterwards that there was no discomfort.
  • Kyle Seager and Jose Abreu were recently named co-AL Player of the Week.
  • Jeff and Matthew at U.S.S. Mariner have a new podcast up.
  • The Mariners will start a series in the Bronx with the New York Yankees on Tuesday. Andrew Mearns of Pinstripe Alley talks about coming to grips with having Cano come to town on the opposing team.
  • Cano also appeared on Jimmy Fallon's "Tonight Show" Monday night. If you didn't catch it, ESPN highlights some of the key things Cano said in the interview.
  • Martin Perez's extension with the Rangers over the offseason is the biggest bargain in the bigs, says Alex Skillin.
  • Athletics Nation does a review of the A's players' walk-up music.
  • Don't feel bad, Mariner fans. We aren't the only ones Collin McHugh has dominated.
  • Tyler Drenon at MLB Daily Dish breaks down the AL ROY race as it currently stands. Beyond the Box Score does their own piece on the topic as well.
  • How much should current team records matter in terms of playoff odds? Beyond the Box Score has your answer.
  • In case you hadn't noticed, Jose Abreu is on an absolute tear. Grant Brisbee talks about how much he thinks Abreu could earn now.
  • Matt Hunter of The Hardball Times attempted to create a baseball simulator over the offseason. He now shares what he learned in the process.
  • Would you rather have your starter throw 40 pitches in the first without allowing a run, or throw 10 pitches in the first and allow a run? After you've made up your mind, check out this article by Beyond the Box Score for their opinion.
  • One of my favorite players to watch, Bryce Harper, will be out until July with a thumb injury.
  • Sunflower seeds have many uses.