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10-14: Chart

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The Mariners stage a pretty big comeback and beat the Rangers 6-5 on two Kyle Seager dingers.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports


British Airways: Kyle Seager (.696 WPA)

Easyjet: Brandon Maurer (-.277 WPA)



1. You have been arrested by the Milky Way Galaxy Police Force for crimes against Mpq*tataquan.  You are innocent but no one will listen to your pleas.  Fortunately, under galaxy law, you are able to choose between two punishments: being sent on a ship on a long trip to die in the burning fires of a star or having your spacecell ripped open and being quickly frozen and asphyxiated?

2. Player of the gam-hahahahahaha?

3. Were you worried about Kyle Seager?  Are you still worried?