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Sporcle Fridays: Longest hitting streaks

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Time for another quiz.

Otto Greule Jr

The names you're going to type in to get this one. Nothing better than a Sporcle quiz to get you through the last three hours of the work day. This week's quiz asks which Mariners have the longest hitting streaks, and it's a serious challenge.

With 37 possible answers and just seven minutes to complete, this plays more like a "remember a lot of Mariners" quiz than it does remembering hitting streaks. At least the quiz offers up dates for context, so you can try to fill in the blanks with who was on the roster, and there's going to be single names that fill up multiple boxes.

You can take the quiz directly at Sporcle or try it below. Post your score in the comments, but as always, be wary of spoilers. Happy Friday.