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Mariners get beat up 7-2 by Astros.

The Mariners play like garbage on Felix Day and get Astroed 7-2.

Everybody just crashing into walls.
Everybody just crashing into walls.
Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

E.Greenlaw Memorial Box Score Link Astros 7 vs Mariners 2

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That was my placeholder text for creating this recap earlier today. See, I am having technology problems with the computer I have to do the recap on and I don't have any buttons in here, just an empty text box. I either have to write in html or steal code from other places and put it in here. So I thought I would create the article in advance from a working computer and put in some bolds and bullets and placeholders and whatnot to make it easier on myself.

I even had an idea for the recap. It was Felix facing the Astros, and it's not that anything is a sure thing, but I thought I was safe enough with the idea I had. I planned ahead for once with the idea and consideration of the tech problem and the placeholder text. But I think the placeholder text works just fine for this game.

Not that I'm going to let my keyboard mashing "Stuff stiosfj owf orp ee georgmeqmlke erngfeqvk;evm e vev erv e" stand as the recap, although this shitty game deserves it.

So I just kind of burned that old idea and that's why you had to read the above. Part of the purpose of these recaps, as many of you know, is to capture the feel of the game for those who didn't experience it personally and/or live. Reading about someone's tech problems and failed planning, yup. I mentioned it 5 or 6 times above, but the Mariners lost 7-2. To the Astros. On Felix Day. Pretty much everyone was bad. Pretty much all facets of the game failed. Not even Felix could escape this vortex.

Should we just skip to the bullets? No, I don't want to cheat you, but please go just skip to the bullets. This was their 7th loss in a row and things haven't looked particularly good since the opening series. Don't take this all as defeatist nonsense from me either, baseball fans know there are ups and downs, streaks and surges. Things have been much worse and could be much worse. Have you heard the rotation is in shambles right now? But man, this was Felix, against the Astros. That scenario just has slump buster written all over it. Nothing ever goes as planned.

Anything good in the bullets? Probably a good thing or two:

  • Let's do a bad, worse and ugly thing.
  • Bad: Felix was not great. Probably a bit harsh to call him bad, but he was definitely not great tonight. Definitely not up to the standard he had established in his first four starts. He looked hittable, had a few more flyouts than normal in the early innings and only had 4 strikeouts tonight. Luckily for fans of ERA, 4 of the 6 runs charged to Felix will go down as unearned due to the ugly defense in the 6th inning. If our only takeaway is that garbage stats will look okay after this game, well, it's something I guess.
  • Worse: The Bats. Abe Almonte had a double that scored 2 runs and those were the only 2 runs the Mariners would score. Romero had a couple hits and Mike Zunino did something noteworthy other than his double that also counted for much less than his double that we will mention below. But the bats are not good right now. Ackley struck out 3 times in his new 2 hole spot and Miller struck out in 2 out of his 3 at bats in his new spot. Zunino had 3 K's himself and hey, look at that, every Mariner hitter struck out at least once for a total of 14. Yes, that was Josh Fields striking out the side in the 9th for the Astros.
  • Ugly: The defense. The photo above of Romero slamming into the wall and the one from the game chart of Ackley doing the same both happened in close time proximity. Maybe they wouldn't/shouldn't have gotten to those balls anyway, but they were still ugly. Kyle Seager blew a catch on an Altuve stolen base in the fateful 6th that saved Felix his earned runs. Almonte overran a single up the middle that turned into a double. Just, not a game you will use to prove that the Mariners defense is good.
  • Zunino just absolutely destroyed a ball that went foul that may have been fair that was challenged and found to be foul after all, possibly. Most watching said it was probably the farthest hit ball to that part of Safeco they had seen. Pics from Colin's Twitter: Zunino_foul_gif
  • Zunino_foul_21_april
  • So not much good came out of this game. We've all seen worse, but there was a certain ineptness in this game. A bloo bloo say qwah, you could say. Even the most interesting highlight was a non-counting event.
  • So let us do this again tomorrow against the same Astros but with a pitcher that is not Felix. This will end sometime, someday. Despite what you've heard, there is a floor. It may not be a baseball related floor, but a 6 mile wide asteroid striking the Earth would definitely be a floor. A few floors below a 7 (or 8, or 150) game losing streak at least.

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