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Introducing a new feature: Live chat with Stephen Pryor on Monday 4/21 at 12:30 PST

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Ever wanted to ask a Mariner some questions and cut out the middle man? Here's your chance, in a new feature for the 2014 season.


Many of you may be familiar with Reddit and their frequent "AMA" chats - celebrities, interesting people, or somebody random comes by to answer any questions registered guests throw at them. Sometimes they're amazing, and other times the person is just there to promote whatever new movie they're in. Still, they're very entertaining to participate in and read, even after conclusion.

It occurred to me several months ago that SB Nation has a perfect commenting system to do something similar. So I began brainstorming about the right way to go about this, to see if we could make it work for the upcoming season. After all, we've done similar things in the past, prospect chats with Rick Randall. We're ready to try something similar with a new guest.

Stephen Pryor, currently with the Tacoma Rainiers, will be joining us tomorrow to answer whatever questions you toss his way. He's scheduled to arrive around 12:30 PST, and comments for the Q&A thread (separate from this one) will go live shortly before, so you can start getting your questions in a bit early. After he joins, he'll sort through the questions and pick out ones to answer. Keep an eye on my Twitter account for updates throughout the morning.

Again, don't post your questions here. There will be a new thread tomorrow.

Here's what I need from you.

While Reddit has upvotes to highlight answered questions, we can do something very similar to make this easier for people to read who missed the chat when it was live. So whenever Stephen answers a question, do your best to hit the "rec" button underneath it, so it will soon turn teal. If enough of us are vigilant in doing so (before and after the conclusion), then all of his answers will be featured, resulting in an ideal reading format.

I'm also looking for a catchy name for this series. While tomorrow's will be something generic like Q&A or live chat, just to introduce the feature, we plan on making this a series with more players, people within the organization, or just around the game. So if you have any ideas for good names or future guests, let's hear it.

Let's make this a great success for us, the Mariners, and Stephen. Please use discretion in the questions you ask - this is a great opportunity, so don't waste time with nonsense or anything off-color. The questions will be moderated while the chat goes on. Thanks to the Mariners and Ben Spradling with the Rainiers for helping us set this up.

See you tomorrow!