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Lookout Linkage, 4/13/14

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News and stories about the Seattle Mariners and other analysis from around the league.

Otto Greule Jr

Here are your Sunday morning links!

  • Taijuan Walker has been promoted to Triple-A Tacoma for a rehab outing, as Blake Beavan will be slated to start on Tuesday against the Rangers.
  • Hisashi Iwakuma is reportedly still a good ways away from beginning a minor league rehab assignment.
  • This was pretty big news at the time, but I case you missed it, Michael Pineda got himself into a little bit of trouble.
  • Don't know if you noticed, but during a recent broadcast of an M's game ROOT made up new stats such as "ultra quality start" and "mega quality start." Beyond the Box Score takes a look at these stats and how they relate to King Felix.
  • Beyond the Box Score thinks it might be time to tinker with the formula for WAR.
  • Perhaps it's time agents got over-use clauses into contracts for relievers, argues Beyond the Box Score.
  • Seems like every young pitcher is dazzling these days, right? SB Nation's Bryan Gosnick tries to pin down why that might be.
  • Alex Skillin thinks the A's are well-equipped to succeed even in spite of a plethora of injuries in the rotation.
  • Athletics Nation breaks down Yoenis Cespedes' mechanics to figure out how he could become an elite hitter.
  • The Hardball Times looks at Marcus Stroman and how the uniqueness of his fastball has spawned the new "Stroman Fastball."
  • The Hardball Times also breaks down the possible correlation between temperature and runs scored in a game with some cool charts and interactive stuff!
  • Prospect Insider looks at players who are on "milestone watch."
  • Rumor has it the Red Sox offered Jon Lester a four-year contract extension that was rejected. The two sides are still open to further negotiations, however.
  • The Milwaukee Brewers made a music video for the song "Happy".
  • Also, rumor has it the Brewers are interested in somehow-still-a-free-agent Kendrys Morales.

Read any good articles lately? Have any reactions to these here articles? Know of any other news I missed? Feel free to discuss these things in the comments!