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3/4/14 Mariners Open Game Thread

Someone named Felix Hernandez will be throwing baseballs for the Mariners this afternoon.


We made it! Finally! Through months of downtrodden weather, with rain and snow assaulting our beleaguered four walls of shelter where we, inside, warm ourselves with thoughts of spring, baseball, and our hero King clad in navy blue, armed with the most dangerous changeup in the game. We made it. It's today! It's our first Felix day of the year!

The King will be taking the mound at 12:05 to face the Los Angeles Dodgers. You will be there--in spirit at least--waving a yellow K card, and your eyes will be squinting in the afternoon sun because you are yelling loudly, so loudly. When you open them, Felix will be gone, because surprise, it's just another spring training game and he's only throwing a few innings. The universe cares not for you, peon.

The only other item of note is that Chone Figgins is batting ninth for the Dodgers today. Schadenfreude, engage.


  • Seattle Mariners vs Los Angeles Dodgers, 12:05 pm PST
  • Kyle Seager is back after jamming his finger on the basepaths. Robinson Cano is taking a day off.
  • The game will be broadcast on an hour delay on MLB Network at 1 pm, as well as the usual live radio broadcast, streamed on and 710 AM. If you have, you can stream live audio/video online. EDIT: 12:03 PM: There will apparently be no radio broadcast today, per Shannon Drayer. Watching online/on delay looks like your only option.
  • Logan Morrison gets the start as DH today, and the always reliable Shannon Drayer tweeted this in response to someone who was confused why he wasn't seeing any outfield time:



P. Felix Hernandez (RHP)


P. Brian Wilson (RHP)