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Podcast episode 18: Upper Deck President Jason Masherah

The 18th episode of the podcast features the full conversation with Upper Deck president Jason Masherah.

Bruce Bennett

I realize that not everyone is a huge dork for 80s and 90s baseball cards like I am. But even if you aren't, the collecting industry is a fascinating, constantly morphing world, and Upper Deck president Jason Masherah is at the forefront of it. While Upper Deck no longer makes MLB cards thanks to the league's exclusivity agreement with Topps, the company still produces unique memorabilia and MLBPA material. It's complicated, but I'll let Jason explain.

If you haven't read the original article, check it out. It's been 25 years since the launch of the iconic Griffey rookie card, and while my conversation with Jason touches on it, there's lots of other interesting stuff in there too. One of the more interesting topics is how cards can still deliver new experiences to consumers now that the discovery of statistics and trivia isn't really a draw anymore. There's a ton of stuff in here that I didn't get to in the article, including Upper Deck's work with sumo wrestlers (seriously.)

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Lookout Landing 2.0 Podcast Episode 18">

Lookout Landing Podcast Episode 18, Jason Masherah