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Chris Young contract details: 45-day consent waiver included

Chris Young gets the same terms Randy Wolf walked away from.

Marc Serota

Chris Young has signed and is expected to open camp in the Mariners rotation. But after Hisashi Iwakuma and Taijuan Walker return, all bets are off. It was widely assumed that with language like "major league contract" that Young was going to make his $1.25 million no matter what, and maybe hit some incentives along with way, up to an additional $3.475 million.

Turns out that what forced Randy Wolf out the door was good enough for Young.

Seems these clauses might be more commonplace than were previously let on. Though we outlined what this meant when it was presented to Wolf, here's the basic gist -- Young will earn paychecks based on his $1.25 million salary, prorated for time spent on the active roster. If he makes it past 45 days, that $1.25 million will become guaranteed, and he'll make it no matter what. Whether he's on the Mariners or sitting at home, that money is his.

If he doesn't make it past that point, he'll only earn the prorated portion of his salary, and the Mariners are free to release him without further consequence.

This shouldn't be called penny pinching, because they got Young here while making him agree to something that is tremendously beneficial to the Mariners. If Young is pitching great, they'll hold onto him and the extra money isn't of massive consequence. If not, the M's will have saved close to a million bucks. While the Mariners might not be the greatest at tact, they certainly have made themselves a nice business move here. An upgrade on Randy Wolf plus contract protection? It's making this deal look even better.