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3/26/14: Mariners open game thread

Erasmo Ramirez vs Colby Lewis

Lisa Blumenfeld

The Mariners return from their busy day yesterday by tossing out a Robinson Cano in the DH slot, throwing Nick Franklin back in at second, and trotting out an Endy Chavez out in centerfield. We also get to thankfully watch one Erasmo Ramirez pitch, and hopefully well. But in addition, a wild Bloomquist will be roaming the hot corner. Mariners! You never know what to expect! Just remember, five more days...five more days...

In other news, Deadspin has picked up the end of the Randy Wolf saga in their usual fashion, and while I always enjoy laughing at things like that Wes Anderson slow-zoom on Mitch Kupchak when the Lakers were being blown out in the playoffs*, it sucks when the lens gets turned back to you and your team. But what do we expect at this point? Just remember that if the Mariners somehow sneak into competitiveness this year, all this eye-rolling and finger pointing will turn into stories about Robinson Cano's leadership and Brad Miller. So if you'll excuse me, I'm off to follow a baseball game where that team sends out Endy Chavez and Willy Bloomquist in the starting lineup.

Game Info

  • Mariners, Rangers, 12:05 PM PST
  • Radio:, 710ESPN on delay. Looks like no tv.



P. Erasmo Ramirez

P. Colby Lewis

*I'm so sorry for reminding you all of the to-be-unmentioned team that plays basketball in Oklahoma City. But come on...this is a classic.