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Poll: April's Rotation

If the Mariners are to survive the first month of the season it will be done while giving quite a few starts to below average pitchers. But WHICH below average starting pitchers should they use?


EDIT: I've added an option that includes Roenis Elias. I forgot about him and am an idiot. I am also terrified Colin is going to hurt me.

Stop me if you've heard this before but the Mariners are going to open the season with an incomplete roster. It both is and is not entirely their fault. Hisashi Iwakuma smacked his finger like a doofus. That was a bit of a freak occurrence. But Taijuan Walker's shoulder bursitis, while not inevitable is certainly not surprising. Shoulders don't like generating crazy amounts of torque and at times they complain and/or break.

You know pitchers are fragile. The Mariners know it too. Yet we've all watched in horror as every single chance at acquiring starting pitching depth has passed the team by. "You dummies someone's going to get hurt" we said. And lo, so it has come to pass.

The team is fortunate that both Iwakuma and Walker appear to be recovering well from injury. Most reports indicate that one or both should be back in the rotation by the season's second month. But for that first stretch is going to depend on acceptable performance from a group that realistically does not project to provide it.

As much fun as it would be to watch the team get creative with a 4 man rotation and a collection of swing men the Mariners are not known for outside the box thinking. Barring a last minute acquisition the candidates to start games behind His Grace the King are: Scott Baker/Randy Wolf/James Paxton/Erasmo Ramirez/Blake Beavan.

Hilariously Paxton, with his 24 career IP is the only pitcher in there I have the faintest amount of confidence in. This is going to be a wild ride, especially April 11-23 when the team plays 13 straight games. Hector Noesi spot starts are in play. My question is this: