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Sporcle quiz: Can you name the Mariners opening day lineups?

Opening day is less than two weeks away, but can you remember the players the Mariners have trotted out since 1991?


I love Sporcle. It's simple, easy, and incredibly frustrating as your mind freezes up while staring at a clock tick down to zero. If you aren't familiar with it, it's simple in nature -- as seen below, there are empty boxes that will auto-populate with correct answers as you type them in. Spelling is important, but only the last name is required to get a complete answer. With 15 minutes available, this is an exceptionally tough one, though you'll get a bunch of points right away when you name somebody like Griffey.

This is an exceptionally wide quiz and doesn't quite squeeze into our site's format, so you might want to get some side scrolling action to see years like 1995, or go to the site directly.

Post your scores below and discuss your greatest pulls or most obvious misses. I gave you all a freebie in the picture, but if you couldn't get that, you probably shouldn't be trying. Good luck!