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Poll: Opening day open house at Safeco Field

Will you be attending?


The Mariners are hosting an open house on Opening Day once again. Last year, as the Mariners beat the A's in the season opener, the Mariners opened up Safeco Field, unveiling the new video board as fans could attend, drink beer, eat ballpark food, and watch the game with thousands of others on a giant screen. The event had a surprisingly good turnout, so much so that they're doing it again.

Tickets are on sale now, but they're mostly ceremonial - a dollar gets you admission, and all proceeds go to Northwest Harvest. It also gets you a free True to the Blue t-shirt, and there's food/drink specials all night.

I attended last year, and it was a lot of fun. It's a laid back, casual atmosphere, but fans are still amped up for the season to begin and it's pretty fun cheering on with thousands of others. Since the last time the Mariners opened their season at home was in 2008 (seriously), this is a nice alternative to the insanity that usually is the home opener a week later.

That brings up to today's poll/discussion: Where will you be watching opening day? I'm probably headed to the open house, so maybe I'll see you there - if I don't see you tomorrow.