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3/15/14: Open Game Thread

James Paxton vs Edwin Escobar


Bouncing back from last night's riveting walk-off tie, where the players literally walked off the field because they just stopped playing baseball, the Mariners will be sending lefty James Paxton to the mound to face the San Fransisco Giants today. We know Felix is a sure thing, and while Erasmo has been surprising everyone with a solid spring, it's Paxton who may hold one of the most important rotation spots coming out of the gate with Iwakuma and Taijuan on the DL.

Speaking of injuries, Greg Johns has word this morning that Brandon Maurer has been sidelined a week with a sore back, which at this point, all but ensures he's not going to be in this year's starting rotation, at least initially. Come to think of it, this is exactly what has been ailing Corey Hart, as well. Yikes. The Mariners spent all this money on a new Dominican facility and can't even buy these guys new comfortable beds. Sounds like they were all right, the Mariners MUST be out of money.

With the Dominican in mind, Johns also notes that Cano will miss this weekend as he flies home to take care of some "personal issues." He'll be back on Tuesday.

In lineup news, Logan Morrison gets his first start in the outfield today (it's only spring's only spring training...), Corey Hart gets the DH role and Abraham Almonte is back again in that leadoff role. I could get used to the sound of one of those things. The Giants are taking forever to post their lineup, but for now, here's what the M's will be trotting out:


  • Giants @ Mariners, 1:10 PM
  • Televised live on ROOT Sports, radio, and as (almost) always, radio broadcast on



1. Abraham Almonte CF
2. Kyle Seager 3B
3. Justin Smoak 1B
4. Corey Hart DH
5. Logan Morrison RF
6. Mike Zunino C
7. Nick Franklin SS
8. Michael Saunders LF
9. Willie Bloomquist 2B
P. James Paxton (L)