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Poll: Last-minute moves

The Mariners have a few needs to fix before Opening Day. Which is the most crucial?

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Last November the Mariners signed Robinson Cano to a ten-year $240 bajillion dollar contract to come play baseball in the Emerald City and ostensibly lead the downtrodden franchise to their first World Series title. It was a move that had many shouting "overpay!" or "toxic contract!" while others rightly pointed out that the only way a team like Seattle can ever land someone like Cano is by doubling the GDP of Zaire and handing it to him on a silver platter. We all know how we felt. We all remember the hope--irrational hope--it instilled in us.

And now it's mid-March, sixteen days away from opening day, and the Mariners don't quite seem as close to delivering on the promise November suggested. They are lefty heavy. Their outfield is a question mark. They are filled with high-ceiling prospects that many think could turn into subterranean chasms instead. And of course, the starting rotation after Felix is like the bleak middle section of a Cormac McCarthy novel.

But there are sixteen days left. There is a whole season left, really. Supposedly Jack Z is talking to Kendrys Morales as I type this. Iwakuma and Taijuan will be back soon. It's possible that many of these holes can course-correct during the regular season, and by extension, possible that a panic move to fix something today could be dangerous. The M's need another starting pitcher, but sending away Nick Franklin for a replacement-level starter will look silly when Iwakuma and Taijuan are back. And so on.

But there are moves to be made before opening day, to be sure. So what would you like to see by then? What is the one need the Mariners should take care of before taking the field in Anaheim? Take your pick, and sound off below.