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3/12: Open Game Thread- Mariners vs Cubs

Randy Wolf vs James McDonald

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Spring training is about halfway over, and today the Mariners are trotting out what ostensibly looks like either their opening day roster pending a few extra moves or platooning, or their A game roster for the first half of the season. James Jones has been fun. He's probably going to open the season roaming centerfield in Tacoma. Nick Franklin and Brad Miller have been battling for that opening shortstop spot. We all know what's going to happen there. With the exception of Corey Hart, who has frighteningly missed more time so far than I would have liked, tonight's matchup against the Cubs looks quite a bit like an April matchup in Safeco proper. Except Randy Wolf is starting. Oh god...please...don't let Randy Wolf be starting for the Mariners in Safeco in April.

Also notice that the Cubs are trotting out someone named Casper Wells in their number three spot tonight. I've heard this name before, but I always thought he was a pitcher, or had a thing to do with Jason Bay or something like that. It's fun to criticize Mariners leadership, but when things go the way they envision, it's often difficult to bite our tongues and admit they were right and I mean LALALALALALALALALALALALALA-*

Game Info

  • Mariners, Cubs, 7:05 PM PST
  • Tonight will be ROOT Sports' first broadcast of the 2014 season. I for one am looking forward to the warm baritone voice from Mike Blowers analyzing a defensive shift here and there, or Dave Sims flipping his shit over a routine fly ball into left field. They may have their quirks, but they are our dudes with quirks, goddammit, and it's about time they are back on our televisions.
  • Randy Wolf. That's all I'm going to say about this part.



P. Randy Wolf


P. James McDonald

*I miss the promise of Casper Wells as much as the next guy. Not necessarily Casper Wells himself...but you get the idea.