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M's comeback kids win 10-6 against Angels

Jack Reinheimer gets his shot, and the kids come back.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Today's televised broadcast was nice for making gifs, though most of the relevant highlights came in the first half of the game, as usually is the case. It wasn't great news for some players, but there were plenty of positive signs to take from today's victory. Cue the bullets.

  • Scott Baker's command was all over the place today, beaning three consecutive batters in the third inning. Albert Pujols got nicked, David Freese nearly got his head taken off, and Howie Kendrick took one in the back. Somehow he didn't give up a run, thanks to a great running play in center by James Jones. His routes might be in question, but he can haul.
  • Baker proceeded to get shelled for the remainder of his appearance, giving up a ton of hard contact and leaving pitches over the middle of the plate.
  • Dustin Ackley continued his doubles tour, ripping a double to left off C.J. Wilson. He's continuing his progression of taking balls to the opposite field. Even ignoring the good stats, the feel around Ackley is different. Confident and in command of the outer half.
  • Ackleydoub
  • Chris Taylor, stepping in for Jack Reinheimer, made a simply horrible throw to 1st base on a routine grounder. He's not used to the position, in fairness.
  • Just a slow dribbler up the middle, but Cano made a beautiful turn on going to his right and a simple cross-body flip. Effortless on a play that would look like max effort for most.
  • Canomove
  • Nick Franklin at short is pretty much as expected. He didn't make a marginal play to his left up the middle, and while it wasn't exactly routine, that's the kind of play that adds up. He's got to at least keep that in the infield.
  • Franklin
  • One of two things happened in the third during a play at the plate - either Humberto Quintero didn't want to get hurt as he stepped out of the way for Aybar to slide under the tag, or he didn't really understand the whole no collision thing. Either way, it was kind of weird, as Quintero just sort of stood there and tried a sweep tag from the side of the plate.
  • Emilio Pagan saw some action today, and promptly got both Mike Trout and Albert Pujols to pop out, followed by a David Freese line out. Pagan, 22, only saw a handful of action at Everett last year after dominating in Pulaski, but has yet to see any better competition until today. He's a deep sleeper relief arm in the M's system.
  • I've been waiting to see Roenis Elias all spring. Elias had a highly intriguing season in Jackson last year, and broadcaster Chris Harris is a huge fan. The ball just explodes out of Elias' hand, despite not being a particularly hard thrower. He got a bunch of work today over three innings and didn't allow a hit, despite giving up three walks. He's old for his level but may see Tacoma this year.
  • Jack Reinheimer got in the game after all, pinch running for Cano in the 6th. He promptly lined a single into center field. Awesome.
  • The Mariners got a balk on a play that looked nearly identical to the James Shields pick off of Robinson Cano yesterday, scoring a run when the M's closed the gap to 5-3.
  • Matt Long looks a lot like Bryce Harper, and he hit a shot to left-center in the 6th, almost running into Cano and Franklin doing some running along the wall after departing the game. Then Humberto Quintero nearly tripped over an aerosol can of sorts by the on-deck circle. Only in spring training.
  • We saw our first won appeal of the spring, as Lloyd McClendon came out to dispute what should have been an inning-ending bases loaded double play (but was only called a force out at second) and the play was reversed to no outs on a bobble at second. A run scored, and then Xavier Avery walked home the tying run.
  • The stadium played Hip Hop Hooray when Yoslan Herrera came out and that is downright deplorable. That song has one usage in a baseball game. One.
  • Mike Dowd is looking more like Jon Dowd this spring, delivering the go-ahead HBP in the 8th inning. Such respect. You could hear the snap of his arm/wrist as Dowd attempted to squirm out of the way, but he managed to stay in the game despite obvious pain.