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Mariners win game and then the Angels forfeit

Mariners hit baseballs hard and score 2 runs each in the 2nd and 3rd innings

The rain came, the rain went away, the rain came back.
The rain came, the rain went away, the rain came back.
Richard Heathcote

The Mariners won the game and that's all that matters. Let's not get into the weeds of who forfeited or won first, or why, or which Angel was the one that cried and cried until the umps finally told everyone to head inside and get some hot cocoa.

Okay, let's go into the weeds a little bit. The starters played approximately the first 3 innings. Well, the Angels didn't really start any starting position players, but the Mariners starting position players played into the 5thish. Okay, further in, the starting pitchers went two innings each, which is less than 3 or 5. But CJ Wilson pitched into the 3rd and the Mariners tagged him for 3 runs and he is a real live starting pitcher so I guess you can draw something from that. Unless Wilson was working on his gyroball or was affected by the rain or just doesn't care because it's spring training.

But let's just be happy at how well the Mariners were hitting the ball today. Some nice hard solid hits out there today. In the cold and rain, so it means more. But it's Spring Training, so it means less. It means more than nothing, as some would have you believe. This is something, which is more than nothing. These words you are reading mean less than the hard hit balls the Mariners hit today. If you believe that Spring Training means nothing, and you are sitting here reading these words that mean less, what are you telling us about yourself? That you don't know the value or meaning of things? That we should ignore your opinion because you have poor time management and lack the skills to ascribe meaning to things? That's enough out of you, let's talk about Justin Smoak.

Hmmm, computer is having some issues, or maybe it's our article editor...This thing is going to look like a mess and my bullet maker is gone. Everything is gone, I'm in freeform space and I can't even get paragraphs to save. On to the "bullets"?

- About that Justin Smoak double. It was well hit. It hit the batters eye above the marker for 410, so let's call it 419 or 421. Disregarding the atmospheric conditions and science for a minute, 419 or 421 is enough to make it out of most major league parks. Colin has the .gif in his twitter feed. Or you can check out the artwork below.

- About that Scott Baker guy, the pitcher that the Mariners could really use since everyone else is getting hurt and there already wasn't much pitching depth to begin with. He didn't get hurt which is a plus. He did alright against the Angels scrubs and some reports were saying he got his fastball up to 91...or 93. One of those. One walk, one hit, one strikeout in two innings. Which was worse than Hector Noesi. Or not. Meaninglessness.

- Dustin Ackley hit one well too, off the base of the wall for a double. Robinson Cano and Logmor had a couple hits each too, some of which were hit hard, maybe all. Rain.

- Abe Almonte struck out twice, which I am choosing to throw in the means nothing pile. Jesus Montero monteroed. Mike Zunino hit one hard that was snagged at the wall. I'm just glad they were able to squeeze in part of a game since this was the first one I've been able to partially watch. Rain.

- 3-0. Or 2.5-0. 2 1/2-0.

1 March 2014 Game Art 1_march_2014_game_art