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Mariners rumors: Mariners offer Melky Cabrera three year contract

The Mariners and Melky Cabrera are one year apart in free agent negotiations, according to Enrique Rojas.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Here's a quick update on the Melky Cabrera situation, which had seemingly cooled off after the beginning of the winter meetings. While all indications were that the Mariners were ready to jump on Melky for something near Nelson Cruz money -- presumably four years -- that doesn't seem the be the case. Enrique Rojas, who's been the definitive source for all of Robinson Cano news and his friends Nelson Cruz and Cabrera, says the Mariners have offered Cabrera three years, while Cabrera holds out for four.

It's great news. We've been over Cabrera and his warts, but three years of Cabrera would fill a huge hole and be a win for the M's, minimizing long-term financial risk. It's the ideal contract length for somebody like Cabrera, and the Mariners have positioned themselves well.

If Melky caves and accepts three years, the Mariners might have stolen his services compared to what some of his peers have gotten, or will get. There's over $100 million left on Shin-Soo Choo's deal, and next year will see younger outfielders like Justin Upton and Jason Heyward hit massive paydays. For Melky, things start to look a little more murky in year four, but if the Mariners cave and give that desired extra year, they'll have gotten away with a deal most of us thought was acceptable in the first place. Five years would be terrible, but that seems to be off the table, likely because of the way the market has progressed and the way the Mariners have framed their offer.

This does seem to be reaching some sort of conclusion, and the Mariners might be able to get him right now if they go four years. Do they risk losing him by standing firm at three, or attempt to snatch him up now by giving him an extra year? Both scenarios, depending on the dollars, seems like a reasonable risk to fill a gaping hole. Three years seems too good to be true.

What do you think? If what we know is the entire story, do you hold out at three or do you cough up the 4th year to make it happen now?