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The Internet reacts to the Nelson Cruz signing

The Mariners just shoveled a lot of money and years towards Nelson Cruz and the Internet is reaction in a semi-calm state.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Mariners just signed Nelson Cruz to a lot of money and a lot of years this Monday morning and the initial sticker shock was something to get over. So when the news broke, here is what my Twitter feed looked like.

Nathan came out with the calm response, and realistically that is the response to have with the Mariners making this signing. It is for a lot of money and by the time the contract is finished Cruz will most likely be a decrepit old man, but the Mariners are in a win-now mode.  If the Mariners make the playoffs the first couple of years of this contract it will be worth it. If the Mariners miss the playoffs it will be an unmitigated disaster.

Most likely, most everything today is going to have that tone to its Nelson Cruz-takes. The Mariners nabbed a desperately needed upgrade (the good).

But the amount of years on the contract will make it a tough pill to swallow in a few years (the bad).

Going forward, don't expect to see too much of a variance from anyone spinning the Cruz signing. No ifs, ands or buts about it, the Mariners had to go out and get a right-handed bat with a bit of thump to it. The Mariners were able to do that without giving up one of their coveted pitching prospects, yet. As Ryan Divish with the Seattle Times pointed out, the Mariners picked up their DH, not the outfield help they are still looking for.

Craig Calcaterra with NBC Sports had the key line on quick analysis of the trade.

That said: the M's are in win-now mode, as they should be. If they get two good years from him they probably won't care. Nor should they.

SB Nation's Beyond the Box Score has a well-crafted and reasoned response to the signing.

The most important take of them all: Willie Bloomquist is a fan.