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Sporcle Friday: Jack Z Home Run Club

2009 feels like a long time ago.

Matthew Manor

The Mariners are about to enter their 6th season with Jack Zduriencik at the helm. The end was in sight many times, but now into year 6, it's further away than it's been in years. In his five years, he's assembled a lot of stop-gaps that have come and gone, many of them failures. Not everyone can be Russell Branyan, after all.

This week's Sporcle quiz asks you to name every player who hit a home run under the Jack Zduriencik regime. Dig deep. There are seven guys who only hit one, seven more who only hit two. You'll realize just how long ago 2009 really was, and just how long he's been around. There were a few exceptionally obvious entries I missed.

As always, post your egregious misses below, and don't go venturing below the jump unless you want spoilers, cheater. Happy Friday.