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Mariners trivia: The early years

How many of these franchise firsts can you identify?

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

In lieu of this week's Sporcle Friday, we're going back to the first few pages from the Mariners' history book. If you've been following along with Scott and Patrick's weekly quizzes, you should have an edge on some of the questions below, but you likely won't get far just by name-dropping Seattle's best-known players. Remember, it's not who hit the best or supplied the club with the most value -- it's who got there first that counts.

  1. Which team did not consider moving to Seattle before the Mariners became their permanent representative: the Chicago White Sox, Houston Astros, San Francisco Giants, or the Minnesota Twins?
  2. Who was the only player to appear for both the Seattle Pilots and Seattle Mariners in his career?
  3. Who was the first Seattle player to bat above .350 in a single season?
  4. In what year was the Mariner Moose adopted?
  5. Who was the first player to hit a home run off of the Mariners?
  6. Which rookie pitcher broke a 29-year streak for most strikeouts (by an American League rookie) in a season?
  7. Who was the first Seattle player to retire with a .300+ career batting average?
  8. Which Mariner was the first to hit more than 100 home runs?
  9. Which manager had the shortest stint with Seattle?
  10. Bonus question: Who was Ken Griffey, Jr.'s first and only running mate in his 1996 Nike campaign?

Check your answers here.