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Podcast episode 14 with Drew Fairservice

The podcast returns with The Score's Drew Fairservice.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The podcast has returned after a hiatus, and I'm joined by Drew Fairservice. You may know Drew from Twitter at @DrewGROF, where he writes for The Score, and he's previously from the excellent Blue Jays blog Ghost Runner on First.

Today's topics include what's wrong with the Hall of Fame, how Robinson Cano will age, and whether or not the Mariners and Blue Jays match up in a possible trade. We also talk about the year in music and how our tastes formed, and if you get to that part and want to skip back to baseball, we pick it back up around the 31 minute mark.

We've got some cool guests planned for the podcast this year. Thanks for your patience and thanks for listening!

The Lookout Landing podcast is available on iTunes or you can stream it here or download the file directly.

Lookout Landing 2.0 Podcast Episode 6">

Lookout Landing Podcast Episode 14