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Best of 2013 Lookout Landing: Finalists

The nominations are in. As we ring in 2014, what was the best of the year before?

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

The first order of business in 2014 would naturally be to look backwards, right? You've submitted a bunch of articles for nominations, and it's time to vote on the winners. I've looked over all of the nominations and added a few more that we might have missed, thanks to suggestions from our staff and articles that have been featured in other places around the web. I've added links to all of the nominations for you to look over.

Feel free to submit your own personal ballot, or just revisit to enjoy. There won't be any specific winners. This is about reminding us of all of our most memorable experiences on this site, and honoring those who did great work. I would nominate dozens of more articles if it were reasonable to do so. Thanks to everyone on staff for all their work and all the readers/commenters who make writing this stuff so much fun. Here's to even better in the year to come.

Best article (overall):

Best article (analysis):

Best article (humor):

Most convincing article:

Best commenter:

  • CapSea
  • Corco
  • paulcl
  • FGChoo
  • ThundaPC

Best Fanpost:

Best podcast:

Best comment thread:

Most polarizing topic/best debate:

Biggest celebration:

  • Robinson Cano signs blockbuster deal
  • Kyle Seager hits extra-innings grand slam against White Sox
  • Felix signs extension

Most depressing moment(s):

  • Jeff stepping down
  • Gutierrez being hurt all year yet again
  • Nick Franklin's late season fade
  • Justin Smoak's late season fade
  • Tom Wilhelmsen falling apart

Best non-LL Mariners blog:

Best SB Nation team blog (non-LL):

Best Twitter account:

Baseball GIF of the year: