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9/8: Open Game Thread

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Erasmo Ramirez vs. Matt Moore

Otto Greule Jr

The Mariners look to take the series sweep from the faltering Rays tonight, further torturing their Wild Card standing and making things interesting for the entire middle half of the American League. Hey, if the M's can't send themselves to the playoffs, they can at least make their presence felt.

There is a part of me that wants to say the Mariners are going to struggle a bit against Matt Moore, a lefty pitching in his second full major league season for the Rays. He's managed to go 15-3, carries around a K/9 of 8.6, and has hovered around a respectable FIP of 3.68 on the year. Then again, have you seen the Rays defense in these past two games? Who knows, my friends. Who knows.

I'm sure many of you are watching the Seahawks finish up right now, but these guys are going to keep playing baseball until someone makes them stop. It just so turns out that someone is themselves. Oh, and Bud Selig. Yeah. That guy.


P. Erasmo Ramirez (R)