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9/7: Open Game Thread

James Paxton vs Chris Archer

Christian Petersen

The Mariners take the field today an hour early, dangling yet another shiny new toy in front of our faces to distract us from football, other baseball games, and well just about everything else you are probably going to be doing the next time Joe Saunders is pitching.

I'm pretty excited to see Paxton, as his innings limit is pretty close and we are gonna get whatever we are going to get. Walker got 80 pitches in his first start, but apparently Wedge is keen to let Paxton just go as long as he can, apparently. Our newest Canadian is going to be pitching to a Rays lineup with Ben Zobrist, Wil Myers, and Evan Longoria. He will also face only one left handed batter, and that player is hitting .326 against left handed pitchers, so there's that. Have fun, James.

Bobby LaFramboise has joined the club and will be available in the bullpen. Abraham Almonte gets the start in center, and Ackley sits with Raul and Michael Saunders in the outfield. This means that Raul needs to keep hitting dingers, because well...I'm pretty sure that's the exact reason he is still starting every day. Stay positive, folks.


P. James Paxton (L)