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70-90: Mariners lose fight to stay below 90 losses

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The valiant struggle to avoid 90 losses ends for the Mariners in Athletics beatdown. 8-2. Bullpen loses 5-0.

I told these losers not to lose
I told these losers not to lose
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

So, you’ve always wanted to swim through a pool filled with Jello.  Yes, yes I have.  Of course we mean one continuous unbroken block of solid Jello that gets to set in the pool leaving a perfectly flat surface and semi-transparent view of the bottom when it is ready.  Who wants to swim through a bunch of small portions of cubed Jello all dumped together into a pool?  No one.

This is going to be great.  You are very excited.  You climb in and the cool red Jello splits perfectly around you, caressing your skin.  You splay your fingers and move your arms forming new fractures that kaleidoscope away from you.  This is better than you ever imagined.  You take a few strokes and the resistant squish is one of the more satisfying things you can remember.

You realize swimming through Jello isn’t as easy as you thought it would be as you take strokes three and four.  It’s actually quite difficult.  There’s no need to panic, this is the shallow end and you are full of energy.  You stick with it and figure out a rhythm.  This is your dream and you’re going to enjoy it.

Leaving the shallow end, enjoyment turns to determination as you no longer have the safety net of the bottom.  You are going to finish this.  This is your damn dream and you aren’t going to admit it was a bad idea.  Your arms and legs flail for purchase on the slippery Jello, but you are going to finish.  You keep your head above the suffocating surface, for a while.

But the ache in your muscles.  And the heaving breath.  It’s a long pool.  You can see the edge.  You struggle.  Your head dips below for the first time.  And the second.  Now the struggle is to bounce back every time you fall below.  You pinch your eyes and mouth closed each time you dip and take a deep breath when you breach.  You continue to tire, your reaction speed slows.

You go under with your mouth open.  Is that, is that blood you taste?  The Jello slips into your mouth and the rusty taste of blood is confirmed.  Was it always blood Jello, at the beginning?  Did it become this partway through when you were blinded by excitement?  Your mind drifts.

A memory comes back.  A man nears you as you laze, a man, a mist, a spirit?  You ignore him, her, it as it draws your blood.  For three hours, you do nothing as it siphons your life force.  You allow it to happen.  It does not drain you.  It needs you.  It will be back tomorrow.  The memory turns to realization.  It came every day.  Every day, for three hours, for months.  It had a pool to fill.  Has to fill?  Did it end?  Is it now?  When is now or then?  The Jello fills your mouth and creeps down your throat.

You fight to the surface again.  You scuffle and struggle toward the edge.  So close.  It’s almost over.


  • At least Oakland gets to keep alive their dream of home field advantage.  Maybe, I don't know, they could still tie the Red Sox at 97 wins.  This is the worst bright spot.  Who cares.

  • Felix struggled in the 1st, giving up a double and a single before Brandon Moss blasted a 3 run homer.  But after that, he pitched pretty well.  He only gave up two more hits and a walk while striking out six in 6 innings.  Felix knows he can't give up 3 runs and expect a win and the Mariners offense proved him right by only plating 2 themselves.

  • Both Mariners runs were on solo blasts, one each by Kendrys Morales and Franklin Gutierrez.  The team only managed 4 fucking hits and struck out 13 times. 

  • Guti's dinger was his 10th on the season which gives the Mariners 9 different players with double digit home runs.  That's a whole starting lineup of double digit dingers, woohoo!  (2 of whom are already gone and 3 more are free agents.  And 90 losses.)

  • Here's a randomly cropped Gameday screen cap.  Whatever 27092013_screen_cap

  • Bullpen: 3 IP, 6 hits, 2 BBs, 5 runs.  At least Wilhelmsen had 3 Ks in 1.1 innings!  (To go with 4 hits).  No walks though.

  • Mariners Baseball 2013: Swimming through a pool of Jello made from your own blood!

  • Wedge is gone. Felix and Kuma will be back.  Lots of young guys (Youngish).  Lots of money to spend (Potentially).  These types of seasons can be expected.  Young guys struggling for a season or two before coming together is a common enough event in baseball.  The Rangers might be worse.  The Angels are in financial hell.  Houston shouldn't...There is some hope.  Anything can't happen but many things can.


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