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70-90: Chart

Felix gives up a 3 run homer before settling down. Bullpen gives up more runs. Things go poorly.

Playoff baseball!
Playoff baseball!
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

27092013_game_chartAbraham Lincoln: Kendrys Morales (.225 WPA)
Warren G. Harding: Oliver Perez (-.215 WPA)


1) Open managersterbation question about your preferences for a Mariner manager in 2014?

2) Predictions for the Huskies and Seahawks against their decent competition (Ariz/Hou) this weekend?

3) Thanks to Logan I spent a bit of time yesterday reading that wiki page.  What is your favorite wiki or tv tropes article?

4) What is your favorite hiking trail in Western WA/OR?  (Or non trail wilderness area that you can walk through).

Bonus Question: Good cheap hotels in Seattle?