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9/27: Open Game Thread

Felix Hernandez vs. Bartolo Colon

The odd delivery of Felix's 8th pitch
The odd delivery of Felix's 8th pitch
Harry How

Finally some news I can get behind. Eric Wedge will not be back to manage the Mariners in 2014. (Apparently I feel a bit better about this than Scott does. I guess it evens out my ambivalence about the Z retention). While there were very strong hints this was going to happen, it's now official. Wedge doesn't deserve all of the blame, plenty of that to go around, but he probably deserves some of it and also probably wasn't going to be a part of the solution.

In other good news...IT'S FELIX DAY! The last Felix day of 2013. I know many can't wait for the season to end, but I did get a little sad when I typed the previous sentence. So here we are, the last series on the last weekend of the season. Enjoy.


Seattle Mariners

1. Brad Miller (L) - SS
2. Franklin Gutierrez (R) - RF
3. Kyle Seager (L) - 3B
4. Kendrys Morales (S) - DH
5. Raul Ibanez (L) - LF
6. Justin Smoak (S) - 1B
7. Michael Saunders (L) - CF
8. Mike Zunino (R) - C
9. Nick Franklin (S) - 2B

Felix Hernandez (R) - P

Oakland Athletics

1. Coco Crisp (S) - CF
2. Josh Donaldson (R) - 3B
3. Jed Lowrie (S) - SS
4. Brandon Moss (L) - DH
5. Yoenis Cespedes (R) - LF
6. Josh Reddick (L) - RF
7. Stephen Vogt (L) - C
8. Daric Barton (L) - 1B
9. Eric Sogard (L) - 2B

Bartolo Colon (R) - P