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69-89: Chart

Paxton picks a peck of pickled princes.

Look at the wingspan on this specimen.
Look at the wingspan on this specimen.
Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports


Pittsburgh Pirates: James Paxton (.292 WPA)
Pittsburgh Steelers: Franklin Gutierrez (-.094 WPA)


1) James Paxton looks like a quality starter.

2) What a great chart.  Look at the lack of tension in the later innings.  The lack of leverage.  Do you prefer a wild game like last night or a quietly dominant one like this?

3) Any hockey fans?  If not, the NHL season starts in a few weeks and it may fill your lack-of-Mariners void.  Looking for a team like the Mariners?  Try local failures the Vancouver Canucks!

4) Now that Fall is over and the Winter beers are rolling out, what are you stocking up on?