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68-89: Chart

A game so full of beautiful, poorly played, poorly managed, thrilling baseball it almost made me forget the Mariners lost.

This appears far more promising than it actually was.
This appears far more promising than it actually was.
Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports


Bringer of false hope: Kyle Seager (.473 WPA)
Revealer of Truth: Charlie Furbush (-.580 WPA)

Behold that glorious chart! This game was an epic novel. Somehow from the scorched ash that is this Mariners' season enough life emerged to give us characters, plot, drama, humor, pain, joy, and of course, eventual tragedy.

This game deserves a proper recap and it will hopefully get one tomorrow because it is very late and I am very tired.  I will leave you with questions and this hilarious gif of Eric Hosmer swinging at a pitch he vehemently claimed he foul tipped. As a bonus note that despite appearances Hosmer did not break his leg on this swing.



1) Did this game catch your interest? if so did that surprise you?

2) What is the greatest breakfast cereal of all time?

3) If you could emotionally detach yourself from the Mariners starting today, without ever suffering any sort of withdrawl or regret, would you do so?

4) Regardless of efficiency what is your favorite mode of transportation?

5) Team you're pulling for to win the World Series?


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