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67-87: Mariners lose baseball game to Angels

Mariners lose clever headline war and baseball game, to Angels. Not your best guys.

Monkey-lover surely left without seeing fireworks
Monkey-lover surely left without seeing fireworks
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This game will probably be more fun to write about than it was to watch.  I lied last week.  I’m not truly an optimist.  I guess I could be called a cynical optimist.  I’m aware of how awful things are sometimes and I often assume that the worst possible result is most likely.  I hope for good results, but most of the time I’m just faking it.  It, being the optimism.

But the alternative is really fucking boring.  We're Mariners fans, we understand the negativity, it's everywhere.  Of course, either extreme is unsavory.  The teal-tinted glasses approach is not something you want to aim for either.  It's just that, it's not hard to find the pessimism in this Mariners community and it's really easy to fall into.  I'm not even calling out anyone for doing it, it's completely justified and I do it too.

It's just not very interesting most of the time.  I know there are people out there who enjoy reading the same negative stuff over and over, but shit, do something interesting with it at least.  There's a good reason that the only fanfiction Eeyore appears in are the ones where the other inhabitants of the Hundred Acre Woods solve his untimely murder.  Usually they just get bored halfway through the investigation and half bury his body in Pooh's boneyard.  Except the one that was mashed up with Breaking Bad fanfiction in which Eeyore had been the head chemist for a gigantic methamphetamine ring and was murdered by Christopher Robin for always fucking whining about how awful the fumes were.  Even gentle Christopher Robin, renowned drug kingpin and slumlord, couldn't handle the constant negativity.

So yes, I empathize.  But there are those of us who are tired and bored with that approach and I'm going to mostly choose not to do it.  Even though I'm faking it.

  • And this is one of those games that surely tests all of the above.  There isn't a whole lot of positive or interesting about this game.  Every inning seemed to go pretty quickly, but somehow it all added up to an extra long game.  And I'm not even counting the extra innings.  Outside of the 7th inning there were no runs until the bottom of the 11th.  "Dragging ass game" - Eeyore.

  • Honestly, there isn't much to talk about.  Erasmo was pretty good, going 6 innings before running into trouble in the 7th.  After running into trouble he left the game with a groin aggravation which was speculated to have been caused by a late time out call.  This was probably his second to last start, so it's not a huge deal if he misses some time, but it can't hurt to squeeze in some more evaluation time before this potentially busy offseason.

  • Chance Ruffin got the blown save for allowing Erasmo's base runners to score which was a less than optimal outcome.  Capps looked decent getting some outs but gave up a few walks.  I know bullpens are always a mess of a pile, but this one hasn't exactly inspired confidence lately.  Also, another walk-off loss!

  • The most interesting of the relief pitcher appearances was Lucas Luetge facing Josh Hamilton.  I'll let Marc handle it: <blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>Is it bad that I don&#39;t much care what happens in the rest of the game; that Luetge making Hamilton look foolish is enough?</p>&mdash; Marc W. (@USSM_Marc) <a href="">September 21, 2013</a></blockquote><script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>
  • Michael Saunders plated the only runs for the Mariners in the game in the 7th and Ackley and Franklin seem to have begun a battle for dominance.  There are creative ways (Or even, not very creative ways at all) to keep them both into next season, but I like to imagine Jack Z. pulling a Thunderdome with them.  Ackley had a great defensive play in the 7th to preserve the tie and had two hits to Franklin's three.  Tonight, a stalemate as both contestants drew blood but severed no major arteries during the bungie cord chainsaw fight event.

  • If you're going to watch this game, which I would not suggest, but if you are determined, just watch the 7th inning and maybe the 8th.  That Hamilton strikeout really did feel like the end of the game even though it occurred in the middle of an inning, let alone, that inning being the 8th inning of an 11 inning game.

  • All that "Be positive" stuff up at the top?  Yep, still doesn't mean I can't enjoy the fact that most of the rally-monkey totin hordes had to leave the game before their promised fireworks show.  Seriously, the photo tool we have was populated by way too many pics of kids holding monkeys.  Like the photographers couldn't even really find anything interesting on the field.