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65-80: Chart

80 losses comes with a price tag: Brendan Ryan is a New York Yankee. And 17 Astros hits. You idiots.

that was................the plan, right?
that was................the plan, right?
Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Chart-5Ugh: Franklin Gutierrez (.116 WPA)

More Ugh: Joe Saunders (-.462 WPA)



1. All time favorite Brendan Ryan memory:

2. Did you watch this entire game? Be honest. HONEST. I wrote this question in the seventh inning. Then the eighth and ninth happened. Lets just skip this one because we all know the answer.

3. If Felix can't make his next start, what do you hope the M's look to? Noesi? Extend Paxton or Walker? Something else?

4. Let's try be positive for a minute. It would be good for us all. Last year we had the perfecto. What do we have this year? Which game/moment has been the peak of 2013?