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Brendan Ryan traded to the New York Yankees

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Brendan Ryan's time as a Seattle Mariner has come to a close. This makes me unreasonably sad.

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I always loved Brendan Ryan. Despite of his struggles at the plate, he has been the single most entertaining defensive player in Mariners history, and that says a lot. He's a master at one craft, and that's fielding. That skill has gotten him a job with the New York Yankees in their playoff push. Ryan's being added after the cutoff for playoff eligibility, so he won't get a shot to be a defensive replacement in the playoffs, which is all I've ever wanted to see him do - so the rest of the world can see his defensive ability. He'll only get to show it off down the stretch, but at least he's back on a big stage.

The Mariners receive the always popular PTBNL in return for Ryan, so that's that.  Ryan will be a free agent in a matter of weeks, free to try to kick start his career once again.

Ryan had fallen out of favor in Seattle, and the team just couldn't stomach the bat anymore. He didn't have to hit much to justify being an every day player, but no there is certainly a limit to how bad it can be, and Brendan Ryan found it. Brad Miller hit the ground running, and there hasn't been much space for him anyways.

The most depressing thing about all of this is that the Mariners never got to give Ryan a proper goodbye. Baseball's a business and a cruel one at that, but for one of the team's more popular guys and a fan favorite, being traded in the middle of a meaningless Houston Astros game in September isn't the best way to go.

We'll look into Ryan's departure tomorrow, with a tribute to his best moments as a Mariner. A deeper look at what he's meant to this franchise, and why he became such a fan favorite despite his flaws.

Until then, thanks for everything, Brendan.